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Before I tell you about my wonderful company, let me explain what happened to me.BizarreMart Nutritional Cleanse and Cleansing

     A couple of years back, I was over 100 pounds overweight, a couch potato, and lazy. As we all know, the economy was crashing and my income was plummeting. My general health was horrible, IBizarreMart Nutritional Cleanse and Cleansing had already suffered from massive blood clots that left me limping and blind in one eye. I was already told a couple of times it would be best to get my affairs in order. So I had the fear of God instilled in me and realized quickly that I had to do something or die!

     I began to search and found hundreds of diet plans. I listened to the snake oil hacks, and looked at some quite reputable companies as well. I tried everything. I spent a fortune on those tiny freeze dried meals they sent by package, the diet plans you see on TV by those actors and athletes, and even resorted to the dangerous pills you buy at the drug store. The exercise plans I saw sounded good, but I just didn't have the money for memberships or equipment and to tell you the truth, my idea of exercise is to put the remote down and get up and change the channel on the TV. Plus, with my leg problems, the exercise plans were impossible for me.BizarreMart Nutritional Cleanse and Cleansing

     All that money gone... and to be honest, some of them worked... well for a while. We all know that as soon as you stop whatever it is they're selling, not only does the weight come back, but there's also and extra 5 or 10 pounds to be gained.

     Then, just like everyone before me, I realized these 'Diet' companies only profit when I fail. If they really worked, or they really cared, they couldn't make any money.

     I had all but given up, but then my besties, Kevin & Diana, got hold of me. They were worried about me and asked if I had tried Nutritional Cleansing. I told them I had, and didn't want to go through sitting on the toilet again all day.BizarreMart Nutritional Cleanse and Cleansing

     Kevin explained that a Nutritional Cleanse is not the same as those dangerous Colon Cleanses you see on late night TV. Nutritional Cleansing is a rejuvenation technique that restores a healthy body at the cellular level. The weight loss is only a side effect of the product. It's not a diet.

     To tell you the truth, I didn't understand a word of it. As Kevin talked, I smiled and nodded my head like I really did understand. (Don't judge me, we've all done that)

  I didn't do anything then, and a few months go by and I saw myself in the mirror. I looked horrible; I felt like crap; I was hating myself. But it wasn't until I overheard a couple of my friends making fun of me at work, I wasn't ashamed... I was devastated.

     I decided to Google Kevin & Diana's stuff. I was savvy enough to realize to discount all the bad negative stuff because I understood those were from, as with any product and company, malcontents and/or competitors.
     I was also smart enough to discount all the wonderfully positive remarks because they were probably from 'company' people and/or 'fan boys'   You know what I mean. I read the stuff from the middle of the road.

     They all said pretty much the same thing. 'Tasted Good' 'Energy Level Up' 'Saved Money' But what really caught my eye was "If it doesn't work, or you don't like it send back the empties and get your money back!"

OK... I had to give it one more shot. Time to call Kevin.

     I won't bore you with all the details. You can go to the product page anytime you want for that. But in a nutshell, if you make your body healthy, it will take care of itself.

     Three days later, a 'Box' arrives. I called Kevin and he walked me through the products and told me how to use them. To tell you the truth, it comes with an instructional DVD, but Kevin felt so important I didn't want to take that away from him  ;)

     It really wasn't hard to do at all. I could eat the foods I liked, didn't have to quit anything. Be warned though, your tastes will change and you'll do things differently. Not because you'll have to, but because it just happens. All I had to do was drink a couple of shakes a day, use some of their juices and candy bars instead of what you buy anyway at the store. They tasted just as good by the way... and they were cheaper too!

     I never went hungry, but in a few days there were definite differences. All of a sudden I didn't need thoseBizarreMart Nutritional Cleanse and Cleansing 'hour power' drinks any more. I use to live on those. That was about $5 to $10 a day I was saving. On my way home every night it was a trip for fast food. Wasn't hungry enough for that anymore. Had to be saving $100 a month on that alone. Again, not because I had to, but just wasn't hungry enough to do it. (Got a feeling that's why the fast food stocks have come down so much)

     Don't get me started on my grocery bill... I'm a single guy living alone. I spent $80 to $100 a week on food, vitamins and other stuff. Now I only spend about $20 to $30. I couldn't believe it!

     Then some other things changed. I would wake up in the morning and start cleaning the house. Let me say that again... ME! CLEANING THE HOUSE! I was more active all the away around. I felt like doing stuff again, just like a kid in his 20's (Did I mention I'll be 60 soon?) I had to call Kevin again... "What the H E double hockey sticks is in this stuff???"

     I will tell you that this Shake is not like the meal replacement shakes you see in the store. It's a super food in the form of a shake.BizarreMart Nutritional Cleanse and Cleansing

        In a short time, I lost 29 pounds and 27 inches of fat from my body. But what was more interesting was my body started reshaping itself. I started looking and feeling better about myself.

     In just a few months I lost 80 pounds, still wasn't exercising other than the walks I felt like doing now. It wasn't the 'over 100' I set out to lose because my muscle mass had grown, and muscle weighs more than fat, so if you're like me, you probably don't have to lose as much as you think.

Have you ever seen anyone who's taken off a ton of weight? Did you notice that the skin under their arms and chin all go saggy. They look better, but they have to do something about that skin. Not me! Plus my skin... my skin! All the sags and wrinkles you get at my age are all but gone. People are guessing my age around 40 now. (Did I mention I'll be 60 soon?)

     I go out and hang with my friends again. (I haven't done that in years) I go dancing and to concerts again. (I can scream with the best of them)

     And best of all... It's been over a year now and it stayed off!!! Tell me how many of your freeze dried tiny meals, famous diet plans, and spin around like a Duncan Top pills can make that claim?

So what's the big secret...

     We already know that the only way those 'Diet' companies can survive is by our failure. If our 'Diet' succeeds, we don't use their products anymore. I don't fault them for that, it's just business.

     Well my company is smart enough to know that by making me healthy, I would never want to be without their silly products. And they were right! I don't have to keep using them anymore, but I dare you to try to pry them from my hands.

     And best of all! A pretty young girl at the bar came up and pinched my ass and told me how cute I was! (I probably have shoes older than her) WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

     So now, just like that Remington guy who liked the razors so much he bought the company, well... this one is based in Arizona and just 10 years young. Yet, it's already in 8 countries and has over a billion dollars in sales, so it's kinda out of my price range.  ;)

BizarreMart Nutritional Cleanse and CleansingSo all I can do is offer you what they gave to me:

1. Your money back if it doesn't work or you're unhappy for any reason. (Sales Tax, Shipping & Optional Membership not included)
2. Free coaching and support. You can call me, text me, make me a friend on Face Book, or email.
3. Massive Cash Rebates for referrals.
4. Most Important! They gave me my life back!

Here's what you must give to me:

1. A real and honest desire to succeed.
2. There's a variety of products and packages. Pick what fits your budget on the Product Page.
3. 30 minutes of your time when your 'Box' arrives. (Within a week)
4. When you're happy, Referrals. You get the Cash Rebates.

     We all know there are hundreds of websites with thousands of offers that look just like this. I understand if you don't trust me yet, or just can't believe my results, but I don't know how else to do this. I don't have a sales team, nor do I have fancy shmancy web designers to teach me how to do this right.

     I do know that I wanted to share this with you and have some fun doing it. I know that if it weren't for my friends, Kevin & Diana, I may not have been around to even try. And I know that, if you're like me, it's not just the weight loss, it's the way I feel, and... to tell you the truth... I'm proud of myself and of who I am again! (There, I've said it)

     No matter how you wish to contact me, order from this web, Call, Text, Facebook, Google+ , Email, or Snail Mail, (haven't quite got the hang of Twitter yet)  it will be me, personally. I don't have a sales team, and I won't talk you into something that's not right for you.
That's not how I roll.

    Bottom line, don't be left out like I was for months... and don't wait to be humiliated before you get your life back. It doesn't make sense. 

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9 Day
Deep Cleanse &

 Fat Burning System
Retail: $176  ~  Associate: $141
Replaces 24 Meals
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Accelerate healthy weight loss!

Get weight loss and cleansing off to a fast start with the 9-day supply of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System. Seven pounds is the average weight loss for people using the Cleanse and Fat Burning System for nine days.* The five nutritional components of the system help you cleanse while infusing your body with premium nutrients for optimum health and safe weight loss. Stimulant free*.

30 Day System

Retail: $382  ~  Associate: $307
Replaces 66 Meals
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Reach Your Ideal Weight
and Reclaim Your Youthful Vitality

This cleansing and fat burning “starter pak” is ideal for those individuals who want to lose weight using a long-term, flexible program. The system is a ground-breaking path to health weight loss and designed to gently rid the body of potentially harmful impurities, while infusing it with essential vitamins, botanicals and other natural ingredients to help shed pounds naturally without the use laxatives, stimulants or diuretics. (Shown with optional Ageless Essentials Daily Pak)

Athletes Pak

Retail: $244  ~  Associate $185
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Staying in peak physical condition
 requires the right kind of nutrition.

If you’re looking to rev up your energy levels, maximize your workouts or boost lean muscle mass, the Athlete’s Pak can take your physical fitness to the next level.

Every Day Shake & Cleanse

Retail: $189  ~  Associate: $142
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Chip away at impurities and replenish your body
with the ultimate in nutrition.

This pack safely supports weight loss and promotes overall health. If you’re looking to curb cravings, you also have the option of adding IsaDelight Plus™ or Isagenix Snacks!™ to maximize your experience.

Product B

Retail: $99  ~  Associate: $77
Sign Up and Save Today
(limit 5 bottles)

Go beyond surface symptoms to target the ultimate causes of aging.
 This is the revolutionary product your body’s been waiting for.

Product B positively supports telomere health by combining scientific breakthroughs in telomere support and the benefits of antioxidants in youthful aging. Product B helps maintain youthful function of cells and healthy telomeres so you can live a longer, healthier life.

The science and formulators have been featured in Popular Science Magazine, Elle, TLC, ABC News, NBC News and more.

Click here for more info!

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